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Daniel Evans

SVP, Investor Relations



Daniel grew up around real estate and was managing multifamily and rental properties when he was in college. The son of entrepreneurs and real estate investors, he developed a strong work ethic and a growth mind set at a very young age that inspired him to invest in real estate years ago. Humble beginnings included painting, cleaning, plumbing, roofing and more! Since then, Daniel has bought and sold multiple real estate holdings and has developed a passion for creating wealth building opportunities through multifamily investing. Before joining Jordan Multifamily, Daniel was an integral part of teams that raised over $15M in equity and now leads the firm with investor relations. He also works as a physical therapist specializing in professional baseball. He is an author in multiple publications, a public speaker, and an entrepreneur. 


Although Daniel is passionate about his work, his first and true passion is his Faith and family. He has a wife, Jamie, and three boys; Luke, Joshua, and Adam. They enjoy traveling, playing baseball, fishing, hunting and hiking in their free time.

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